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White’s x Division Road Collaborations

With the first release of August there is an internal clock that goes off within our Division Road Army—essentially announced via bugle blast—that it’s boot season. We give you two new White’s collaborations updated from our favorite make-ups and leathers with high function, refined form, and meticulous specs to provide those hits of heritage that embody the logger, workman, and trooper. Both of these foundational footwear options are designed and made for daily rotation. The Olive Waxed Flesh Cruiser 350 comes with a military-meets-outdoorsman disposition while the British Tan CXL LTT Lineman reflects the classic White’s approach for the craftsman seeking evolved, vintage-inspired ensembles. Being prepared is more than half the battle, so equip now and you won’t have to hunt around in October or wait until spring for our limited run boots that you could have been wearing all boot-season long. 

Olive Waxed Flesh Cruiser 350

A field boot with style heavy accents made for the Ranger, the Olive Waxed Flesh Cruiser comes with a brown-based olive drab color that will evolve with scuffs, scrapes, and skirmishes to reveal the natural roughout nap and tonally correspond to the contrast stitching, fully gusseted tongue, welt, midsole, and sole to deliver a sophisticated patina on a soldiering style. Using a Horween wax coated, reinforced full weight roughout allows for an unstructured toe box to provide a low-profile aesthetic to our favorite 55 Last as one of the best fitting work boot-based forms in the business. Completed with a single row Natural CXL hand welt for flexibility, a natural leather midsole, and a half-slip for color corresponding stability all atop the all-purpose Vibram 2060 Sole, this Cruiser is perfected for trailhead trekking or donning to downtown dives.

White's x Division Road

British Tan CXL LTT Lineman 350

Designed with the workshop warrior and grail hunting gearhead in mind, the British Tan CXL Lineman is cleanly configured to bring out the rust-based brown tone of this Horween Chromexcel with a natural tea-core in the venerable veg-chrome combination tannage that provides a natural finish in a leather all about comfort, performance, and subtle patina. Letting the rare color of this signature leather sing, we complemented this Lace-to-Toe Lineman with tonal stitching and a fully gusseted tongue for heavy-duty finesse, brass eyelets for a vintage pop, a single row Natural CXL hand welt, and tonally coordinated natural leather midsole. Our Lineman is bottomed with a slightly sculpted block-logger heel atop a Vibram Mini Lug sole for low profile, high traction performance when taken to city streets and forest floors as a fine foundation for workwear-backed ensembles.

  • White's x Division Road
  • White's x Division Road
  • White's x Division Road