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The Patina Post - 5th Edition

For our fifth edition of The Patina Post, we return to our regularly scheduled year-end program with some make-ups that have been in rotation from just a few months to several years. As COVID-19 and resultant shutdowns have wreaked havoc on manufacturing, we’ve been doing our best to collaborate where we can in order to present the collectable craft for which we’re known.

While some of our makers are back on track, others continue to struggle with the strain on labor, material, and capacity shortages. We’ve been hyper diligent in pushing special make-ups through and have a flood of footwear coming in the new year. In order to get you prepped for the proper drops to come, we present our most popular content series, the Patina Post.

We have a slightly different spin on this year’s portrayal as we take some of our most used and least cared for pairs and restore them to patina glory through a used-to-renewed perspective, rather than new-to-renewed. Thanks to the resiliency of top-level craftsmanship, the journey never truly ends with footwear that breaks-in rather than breaks down.

White's x DR British Tan CXL Semi-Dress 375
18 Months - 3 Restores

Tricker's x DR Black Textured Stow
1 Year - 2 Restores

Viberg x DR Black Unicorn Scout Boot
18 Months - 2 Restores

Viberg x DR Anise Kudu Reverse Derby Shoe
2 Years - 3 Restores

Due to the nature of the production methods, craftsmanship, and materials used for our footwear, we take a minimalist’s approach to our “restorations.” The first step is a thorough cleaning with water and mild soaps from upper to sole to remove dirt and debris. Then, we treat the welts and midsoles with leather conditioning wipes or Venetian shoe cream.

As a final step, we apply either Saphir Greasy Leather Crème or Renovateur (the conditioner selection is dictated by the tannage type) to fully moisturize and replenish the leather with its natural oils and reactivate the original tanning recipe. For suedes and roughouts, we brush heavily to renew the nap, much like the process of sanding wood. If alarmingly dry, we’ll hydrate with Saphir Renovateur Suede Spray to breath some life back into the flesh.

Tricker's x DR Natural CXL Super Monkey Boot
18 Months - 3 Restores

Tricker's x DR Black CXL Bourton Brogue Derby
2.5 Years - 3 Restores

Tricker's x DR Flint Kudu Reverse Stow Boot
6 Months - 1 Restore

Viberg x DR Brown Waxed Flesh Bobcat
2.5 Years - 3 Restores

White's x DR Black Waxed Flesh Semi-Dress 375
6 Months - 1 Restore

White's x DR Black Waxed Flesh & Natural CXL Oxford 300
6 Months - 1 Restore

We do not use waterproofing, tinted creams, or polishes with any of our leathers as they are top quality, full-grain, and often full-weight hides that perform as nature intended and are further advanced through complicated tanning recipes that make them even more robust.

With a baseline of care and a simple conditioning regimen, the footwear we specialize in will fully embrace patina with an authentic character. Here's another series of seriously special shoes and boots evolving in color, finish, personality, and shapes that match their wearers when taken to the fields, woods, streets, and beyond.

White's x DR Natural Waxed Flesh Cruiser 350
(Coming Soon)
3 Months - 1 Restore

White's x DR Burgundy CXL LTT Oxford 300
(Coming Soon)
3 Months - 1 Restore

Finally, as it always seems like the new year is a great time to start a new project, we bring you some of our most prized personal denim evolutions within another category of goods that transform to the individual with frequent wear and sporadic cleanings. With an example from each of our core denim producers, we know this series will inspire you to take on a new patina project, whether it be pants or proper boots and shoes.

Iron Heart x DR 502DR-IB Indigo x Black Serviceman Classic Tapered Cargo
1 Year - 2 Washes

Studio D'Artisan FOX-001 Roadrunner Fox Cotton Relaxed Tapered
3 Years - 6 Washes

Benzak Denim Developers x DR BDDxDR-711 Black x Black High Tapered
1.5 Years - 4 Washes