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Sophisticated Soldier Release

Tricker's x DR, Private White x DR,
Andersen-Andersen, Eastlogue


Division Road Sophisticated Soldier Release

Collaborations and Releases with Tricker's, Private White VC, Andersen-Andersen, and Eastlogue

This week, we bring you an onslaught of military styles and specs by way of Air, Land, and Sea from our honorable heritage producers of premium procurements. Focused on functionality for some of the harshest conditions known and made for our sophisticated style soldiers, this collection of goods is richly refined from materials to makers. Prepare yourself to brave the battles of winter with selective weatherproof style artillery from Tricker's, Private White VC, Andersen-Andersen, and Eastlogue.

Division Road Sophisticated Soldier Release

Division Road Sophisticated Soldier Release

Tricker's x Division Road

For your footwear foundation, we have a new Division Road Tricker’s style in our signature and commanding Churchill officer boot pattern. With our exclusive specifications this version utilizes the Black Unicorn leather selectively sourced from C.F. Stead, a tannery known for producing hides that are equal parts durable, finely finished, and completely wild. This Scandinavian Elk Unicorn Leather has been subtly sanded on the grain side to reveal remarkable natural grain characteristics and a matte finish, then waxed for further resilience establishing an inherently durable leather. Molded on the accommodating and impressive dress styled w2298 Last for a sleek shape and Goodyear welted with a natural Barbour welt and midsole atop a Goodyear Commando sole, this prime British bulldog of a boot is aggressive and apt for all conditions and ready for any war or wardrobe.

Division Road Sophisticated Soldier Release

Division Road Sophisticated Soldier Release

Private White VC x Division Road

Private White consistently brings us garments with regal and hardwearing elegance and an authentic heritage by sourcing the finest British made materials and handcrafting garments in their near century-old factory in Manchester, England. This release includes next level exclusive editions for some 'best in the battalion' winter coats. Straight from the Archives, we’ve brought back the Manchester Pea Coat in an outstanding worsted wool overcoating from Fox Brothers®. To take on tundra temperatures, our collaboration Jeep Coat is resilient and honed with history in a brushed and water-resistant Battle Twill and Natural Shearling Collar with a wool wadding fill, creating a style-boasting beastly blanket. Further, we bring you a blacked-out Flight Jacket bomber using a regimental Abraham Moon® Mills Melton, ready for any high altitude or stone-cold conquest.

Division Road Sophisticated Soldier ReleaseDivision Road Sophisticated Soldier Release


From another one of our international officers of outerwear, we bring you some amazing pieces from the Eastlogue armory with fresh takes on their signature collection pieces. Hailing from the Republic of Korea with a formula of design that transcends style and time, Eastlogue reinterprets vintage military and outdoor garments from all over the world and various eras. Fusing elements together to create new garments packed with utility and form, the classic and adapted Deck Parkas are premium examples of their vision with the considered integration of Air Force and Naval jackets into one perfected production. For landed expeditions we have the lighter weight and field ready Trekking Jacket, and made for mountaintop glory the Utility Shield Parka comes in its typical European goose down warming comfort in a remarkable Black Watch Waxed Canvas that will evolve with each journey.

Division Road Sophisticated Soldier Release

Sophisticated Soldier Release Division Road


The ranking captains of knitwear, Andersen-Andersen, are back like the full force of a gale wind with seaworthy Half and Full Zip Sweaters, along with the new Light Wool Turtleneck and Polo that will become your first mates for any uncharted adventure or scenic voyage. Touting the most impressive yarn-to-garment production in knitwear, the Danish Duo utilizes an exclusively developed extra spun, long fiber new Merino wool yarn dyed in signature colors or left in the natural sheep’s shear to create beautifully made pieces that have unmatched longevity, comfort, and weather-beating properties. These naval grade and inspired new classics don’t stop there and with hand-linked and bar tacked assembly, fully fashioned interiors, and integrated thumb holes for fully knit masterpieces that have a lifetime of lasting luxury wrapped into each sweater.