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Honor Roll Rebel

Dehen 1920 x DR, Iron Heart


Collaborations and Releases with Dehen 1920 and Iron Heart

As March Madness concludes and spring break nears, we give you a collaboration-heavy release that turns back the clock with inspirations from the 50’s and 60’s reinterpreted into modern menswear classics. Our work with Dehen 1920 continues to yield best-in-class results with a spring-perfect selection of outerwear, overshirts, and knitwear, while Iron Heart brings the hardwearing Chore Jacket, Work Shirt, and Chinos appropriate for hot weather and beyond. This week we hallmark the mid-century icon of the hot-rodding student athlete who carried his books and straight edge in his hands and a pink slip in his pocket.

Dehen 1920 x Division Road

From adapting through the eras by making letterman sweaters and jackets to producing custom pieces for cult clubs and major manufacturers of the motorcycle and automotive communities, Dehen has a rich and varied legacy that is fused into each piece for those driven to vintage-inspired sportswear, militaria, and outdoorsman wear. Speaking to their unique niche as an in-house knitwear company with a gearhead following, we bring you some Division Road collaborations with a new all-season, high-achieving Varsity Jacket, a Team Jacket, and Crissman Overshirts leveraging Brisbane Moss® Moleskin and Corduroy paired with a restock on our Black Shawl Cardigan and Mechanics Jacket that get the honor roll rebel to stand up straight and listen.

Iron Heart

As the definition of unrelenting, sturdy, and essential, Iron Heart is a signature destination for the moto-enthusiast, craft collector, and vintage sophisticate who embraces the journey of communicating their life through their clothing. This collection of better-than-original garments with over-the-top materials and construction features the 105J-IND Chore Jacket in the ideal weight 14 oz. Japanese Selvedge Denim, the 349-GRN Work Shirt coming in our favorite 9 oz. Selvedge Flannel in an indigo and sulfur yarn dyed Green Ombre Check, and the clean cut 721 Mercerized Selvedge Chino in Olive and Khaki. With a bit of steel mill to study hall flair, grab these pieces that honor the gent who keeps his nose to the grindstone.