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Elemental Style Study

MotivMfg x DR, Gitman Vintage, Studio D’Artisan


New Collaborations and Releases from MotivMfg, Gitman Vintage, and Studio D’Artisan

While we’re busy designing, building, planting, and editing the new Division Road flagship experience at a breakneck pace and then running off to a meeting, dinner, or show, our ensembles must be wholly adaptable to meet the demands of whatever environment and situation we find ourselves in. As such, we bring you a curation of collaborations with MotivMfg and pieces from Gitman Vintage and Studio D’Artisan that translate seamlessly across various style profiles to create an elemental aesthetic unique to any wearer. Whatever we have in our wardrobe should be extraordinary, particularly those pieces designed as stylistically versatile staples that transform from dress to casual for daily wear. This color-coordinated collection boasts specialized fabric developments derived from nature's best inputs and the finest mills. We present a set of authentically crafted goods that easily can become foundational to your style.

MotivMfg x Division Road

For our second Spring-Summer drop with Motiv, we are pleased to introduce a completely new English Dress Hunt Double Breasted Jacket development debuting in an all-season Marling & Evans® Merino Wool Mélange Herringbone to yield an essential dress-to-casual armament within any well-considered wardrobe, whether looking to embody a fashionista or mobster and anything in between. Next, we have a sizable selection of our American Camp Shirt, developed to be the perfect all-occasion button down. Made in some of the coolest yet approachable heavy weight shirting fabrics available and crafted with substantial construction methods, these pieces are intended to be timeless staples made to last generations, which, like everything else we do with this old-world meets new-thinking studio, are completely exclusive to Division Road.

Gitman Vintage

Summer is upon us with hot days and warm nights. To keep things classy when going casual, we bring you a couple Gitman Vintage short sleeve button downs in one of our favorite warm weather fabrications. Archive patterns and palettes from the 70’s have been refashioned in a Japanese loomed Cotton and Linen blended Madras cloth using slub yarns for texture and dyed in saturated colors that will fade subtly with wear and washing. Representing Gitman at its best, these pieces are inherently modern with a vintage vibe, so whether you’re looking to represent ivy style, normcore, or just a well-fashioned Dad, these shirts will keep you looking and feeling cool while their patina constantly improves with each passing spring-summer season.

Studio D’Artisan

Rounding out the wardrobe with one of the most important ingredients, our denims from Studio D’Artisan boast a rotisserie of offerings for those looking to start a project with shrink-to-fit customization or options that are cool and unique straight off the rack with hard to beat exclusive dying and washing techniques. Our favorite Slim Tapered G-003 gets a full restock in tandem with the new G3 Series SD-908 Relaxed Tapered, a specialized staple denim that will continually evolve with everyday wear. In addition, we have denim and trousers that use the exclusive Amami Dorozome Mud and Kusaki-Zome Kakishibu dying techniques employing all natural extracts for some limited run collectables that certainly will fill a gap in a wardrobe while remaining relatable to any classic modern coordination.