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Division Road's MOTIV Capsule Collection

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Division Road MOTIV Capsule Collection

MOTIV Capsule Collection

Made in China...what? Yes! We hope through our documentation and certification, this contradiction to the Division Road regulations around sourcing goods in fact proves the rule. Looking through our North American, European, and Japanese-centric lens, this “crime” against heritage is in reality about preserving it. The simple fact is we’re making an exception, which you'll soon discover is due to the fact that this brand is exceptional and working with MotivMfg actually is not outside of our position, but rather reinforces it.

Division Road Motiv

In that vein, we are honored to debut this MOTIV collaboration project that celebrates turn-of-the-century craftsmanship with a modernized vision of industrial-era tailoring and military garments from around the globe, made possible by the revival of a one-roof workshop tradition in Bejing with pattern-to-bespoke garment construction that typifies the ethos, production methods, techniques, and materials of Savile Row.

  • Division Road Motiv
  • Division Road Motiv
  • Division Road Motiv

As agents of our craftsman domain, we’re now outlaws by globally trafficking raw goods, inspiration, design, and completed garments in a new and timeless uniform for the Division Road Army with a complete collection of exclusive developments that redefine heritage down to the thread. Marshaling in an era of informed response to mass-production, we are proud to peddle a collection that speaks to the future by honoring our past with MOTIV.

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