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Division Road Service Announcement

March 24th, 2020


Division Road Inc. is sensitive to the challenges caused by the COVID-19 virus and the communal crisis that has occurred. Through this uncertainty, we have been committed to the safety of our team and customers. From the beginning, we have taken actions to provide a clean environment and will be smart and stalwart during this event, sticking to factual information and maintaining operations with best practices that adhere to the guidance provided by CDC and WHO medical professionals.


As of March 23, 2020, Washington state has been issued a Stay-At-Home measure that prevents the operation of our Seattle location, which is currently closed until May 4th. will be operating online as usual. We will be available during normal business hours by phone and email, and welcome your inquiries. Order fulfillment and product releases may be delayed due to local measures, but we will maintain our responsiveness and schedule of services and releases as much as possible.

Cleanliness and sanitation standards always have been critical components of our operations at Division Road: We have continuously maintained a sanitary and disinfected store environment including tools, surfaces, and ourselves. Products are protected and packaging is stored responsibly. We have instituted many protection measures to ensure the safety for our customers and team.

We are here during normal business hours, aim to provide our usual high service standards via email and phone, and will ship your orders responsibly and punctually.


We will be contributing 10% of Gross Profits for the month of March directly to those disrupted by this crisis. We are focusing our efforts on Pioneer Square as this is a neighborhood made up of almost entirely small businesses that have been gravely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and forced to shut their doors and lay-off employees. This contribution will consist of direct Cash-in-Hand donations based on our profits from Sales through this month to those owners and staff, which we will document on social media and our Bulletin. This is a dire financial situation for many, and please know that your purchases with Division Road will go directly toward some of those facing the economic consequences of this crisis and will result in some grassroots good.


All of our team members have Employer Paid Health Care Plans. Sick time and medical costs related to the outbreak will be reimbursed. Our team is the heart and soul of Division Road and will not come to work if exhibiting illness symptoms of any kind or if a known exposure occurs and will be paid regardless.


Since the first reported cases of COVID-19 in the United States, several times daily we have been instituting CDC Guidelines of cleaning and protecting the work environment.

We’ve disinfected all working surfaces, devices, handles, seating, and anything we can throughout the day, we wash hands correctly and frequently, and keep an extremely hygienic and clean environment. We have a small, healthy team and plan to keep it that way, and the well-being of our customers is crucial.


According to the CDC, coronaviruses don’t survive on porous surfaces easily; it is extremely unlikely that packages can carry the virus or that it will survive on fiber-based products for anything longer than several days: “In general, because of poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days… Coronaviruses are generally thought to be spread most often by respiratory droplets. Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with imported goods and there have not been any cases of COVID-19 in the United States associated with imported goods.”

According to the CDC, the risk to our store environment is low: “For the general American public, such as workers in non-healthcare settings and where it is unlikely that work tasks create an increased risk of exposure to COVID-19, the immediate health risk from COVID-19 is considered low.”


While we have high professional standards in all regards and aim to operate at the level of much larger corporations, Division Road is a team of three individuals. This business is the lifeblood of our livelihood, supports a niche of authentically made quality goods, and in turn is a driver of prosperity for many throughout our chain of partnerships. As the health concern is paramount for us all, social distancing and shutdown measures resultant from this crisis have and will cause lasting economic distress for a huge population. Many of them will be businesses like ours and those that we support, who endeavor to provide the world with truly special goods and personalized experiences. Let's maintain and preserve the foundational drivers of the economic system and keep the craft alive, along with one another.