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ODU Face Mask + Literature for Liberty + Cut The Crisis Plan Wrap-up

MotivMfg x DR, The Library, Division Road


Division Road

New Release, The Library, and CTC Wrap-Up

This week, we take a bit of time and space to focus on some of our more altruistic endeavors that highlight the fact that authenticity extends beyond just the goods carried. For stylized protective gear, we present the elevated and considered ODU Face Mask made for Division Road by MotivMfg in a formulaic, anatomical form. Then, we debut The Library with our Literature for Liberty Program, which presents selected works that deal with current conditions from an historical reference point, with all profits directed toward charities related to the subject matter contained within. Lastly, as we transition our Contribute Through Craft Program, we bring you a wrap-up of the final direct donation action plan, Cut The Crisis, where we give a helping hand through a skilled one.

Division Road

MotivMfg x DODU Face Mask

Masks are a thing we all need to embrace, with the understanding that many of the cheap cloth versions do not provide adequate protection in an infectious environment. If you're going to wear a Face Mask, we wanted to present an option that allows you to do it with some stay-put style. Exclusively for Division Road, MotivMfg created this protective provision that's inspired by our Officer Dress Uniform capsule collection for all those safe and stalwart style soldiers. In normal Motiv fashion, this piece has an anatomically formed pattern in an adjustable overhead design that hugs the face securely to lock air and limit the need for constant readjustment that makes masks ineffectual. The ODU Face Mask elevates the shielding style with considered, function enhancing Japanese materials like a linen/cotton twill for the face panel to allow for breathability, a coated canvas for the nose and chin panels to prevent fogging, and military grade elastic strapping along with cast and burnished gun metal cats eye buttons. Each mask is washable, comes in sealed packaging, and includes five PM 2.5 Filters to further protect against particulates and pollutants.

Division Road

The Library by Division Road

Hopefully, you saw in our full address in the wake of recent tragedies for the much-needed focus on systemic racial inequities that have plagued our society for centuries and the resultant civil unrest. Consistent with our approach in all matters, we have taken extreme consideration to ensure our action is informed, constructive, and stabilizing. Thus, we established a program called Literature for Liberty, where we will present signature works on our own shelves relevant to the current issues and donate all profits to charities with operations related to the subject matter contained within. We will continue to add contextualized works that comprehensively address specific and systemic topics through a new project called The Library. The focal point of the non-fiction works we’re initially presenting is how power functions through oppression, and our first two seminal texts deal with race and class inequality from two completely different perspectives: "A People’s History of the United States" by Howard Zinn and "Soul on Ice" by Eldridge Cleaver. These volumes have been selected because they are poignant, thought provoking, controversial, and hopefully enlightening. We aim to provide an illuminating and informative medium with The Library and our Literature for Liberty program, because knowledge is power.

Division Road

Division Road's x Assembly Barber Shop Cut The Crisis Plan Wrap Up

By now, you're likely well aware that Division Road launched the Contribute Through Craft Program at the early onset of the COVID-19 outbreak to provide an effective avenue for our client's purchases to benefit some of those facing the significant consequences of this crisis. With a simple 10% of Gross Profits metric, we've actioned direct donation plans at the street level of our economy, and to date the CTC Program has given over $15,000 to small businesses and their employees. For May through June, through the Cut The Crisis Plan we commissioned Assembly Barber Shop to provide 100 Free Hair Cuts to those who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 crisis and shutdowns, effectively assisting with the launch of what will be the best barber shop in town and a small business archetype that should be able to thrive in our city. Our altruistic attitude through this crisis has been to action plans that engage businesses in order to help others in need, create a positive ripple effect, and inspire others to do the same. Our clients have allowed us to maintain our business and position, while engaging in some grassroots good and we are extremely grateful for their support through these uncertain and bizarre times. This story and the crisis is really about people, so with that we’ll let them tell the tale, so check out how we Cut The Crisis by giving a helping hand through a skilled one.

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