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Contribute Through Craft Program: Cut The Crisis

Division Road


Division Road's x Assembly Barber Shop CTC Plan

By now, likely you're well aware that Division Road launched our Contribute Through Craft Program in March at the early onset of the COVID-19 outbreak to provide an effective avenue for our client's purchases to benefit directly some of those facing the significant consequences of this crisis. From the beginning, we've used our simple 10% of Gross Profits (Sales – Cost of Goods) metric to action direct donation plans, which by no means is a sustainable business practice in our niche. Fortunately, our patrons have rallied behind us in this historic calamity, supporting us and furthering our ability to do some grassroots good via the goods we sell. This direct strategy was instituted to ensure every dollar donated goes to the street level of our economy; and, since some are throwing numbers around, we thought you should know our CTC Program has directly donated over $15,000 to small businesses and their employees.

Division Road Cut the Crisis

Moving forward, we start with a short story of Assembly Barber Shop and its founder, Bryan Essick, who is a local mainstay and legend in the Seattle barber community. Just after the New Year, Bryan decided to re-launch his grandfather's establishment after a generational hiatus. After investing much time, money, and risk into this endeavor, all of his plans were placed in peril as a result of the State-Mandated lockdown, ready to cut and fade yet unable to open and operate. As mutual friends and clients of each other's ventures, we know you’ll find ABS like-minded to Division Road in its approach to provide authentic services with an elevated manner in an exceptional environment. Frankly, we think Assembly will be the best barber shop in town, and serves as a small business archetype that should be able to thrive in our city.

Division Road Cut the Crisis

As such, we're commissioning Assembly Barber Shop to provide 100 Free Hair Cuts to those who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 crisis and shutdowns. So, if you or someone in the Seattle area has lost their job as a result of the outbreak and WA State’s Stay-At-Home Measure, please book your appointment with Assembly Barber Shop using the Cut the Crisis service, which can be secured now through their website. If you're local and employed, you should still give ASB a try; if you're a patron of ours, you'll certainly like what they do as they too, strive to be and do the best. Assembly is booking up and while the official launch of Cut the Crisis begins June 28th with several full days dedicated to that free service, we're giving you an inside scoop so you can pass the word to those in need, and know about this premium provider of correct cuts. 

Division Road Cut the Crisis

Our attitude through this crisis has been to assist other small businesses that normally provide grand goods and services to our community but have not been able to maintain service in a significant way, and developing subsequent action plans that engage those businesses to help others in need to create a positive ripple effect and inspire others. Our goal during and beyond these tough times is to keep our operation, employees, neighborhood, vendors, and community viable for the future. You've helped us do this and we thank you. Let's go another round of cutting this crisis by getting the word out and taking action to keep businesses thriving by giving a helping hand via a skilled one.

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