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Wesco Boss Engineer - Vibram 430 - Ebony Domain


Boss Engineer - Vibram 430 - Ebony Domain



The Wesco x Division Road Boss Engineer comes to fruition in a limited batch Ebony Domain leather, exclusive to this piece, in order to freshly hallmark a quintessential American boot in terms of history, styling, construction and durability. Initially designed with Chris Warren, who has been with the company since his youth, we reworked unique boot details in a triple stitched Boss pattern to a create a moto-styled work boot that speaks to the heritage of the West Coast Shoe Company and their stitchdown construction, which yields fully buildable footwear made for industrial and heavy duty environments. Engineer Boots were originally developed for the rail industry worker to give greater protection against fire and heat. They then became synonymous with motorcycle riders for the same protective qualities and rebellious and aggressive aesthetic. This Boss is constructed with a limited dye lot of Seidel's venerable pull-up Domain leather in Ebony. The boot then takes a host of tonal and vintage inspired details to bring out the black overtones and brown undertones of this leather. These features include a brown leather midsole with dyed edges and heels, Nordic brass roller buckles, a leather pull loop, a single collar strap with a V gusset and an old standard length instep strap. Taking it a step further, we utilized a brown triple-stitched upper on the vamp, counter, and back stay that relates to the uniquely Black outsole double Rapid E stitchdown threads to create a Boss that, once broken-in, will wear well for life. Made as an unapologetic riding boot to Wesco's century old standards and customized to Division Road specifications, this Boss is built for both easy and hard riding while possessing a refined aesthetic suitable for the city.


  • Exclusive to Division Road
  • Ebony Domain – Seidel (USA)
  • Limited Batch Leather
  • 9" Height
  • 9165 Last - D Width
  • Unlined
  • Partial Structured Toe
  • Nordic Brass Roller Buckles
  • Leather Pull Loop
  • Stained Leather Midsole & Heel
  • Vibram® 430 Mini Lug Sole
  • Brown Triple Stitched Upper
  • Standard Collar Strap
  • Old Standard Instep Strap
  • Steel Shank with Full Leather Insole
  • Black Double Rapid E Stitch
  • Stitchdown Construction
  • Made in the USA 


    Wesco sizing will be varied depending on the Last, leather, and patterns used. The 9165 Last in this D width has a very similar size conversion and is generally equal to a Viberg 2030/1035/2040, Alden Trubalance, or Tricker's 4497s for most feet. As a general rule when sizing for Wesco, we suggest you select a half (.5) size down from a common US boot or shoe, or (1-1.5) sizes down from a US sneaker.

    For additional information consult our Sizing Guide.

    Please Contact Us for additional assistance.

    About Wesco

    Founded in 1918 by none other than John Shoemaker, Wesco Boots earned an indelible, rough and tumble reputation in the outdoors almost a century ago when they first appeared on the muddy slopes of Oregon’s timber camps. Today, this family-owned business builds uncompromising footwear in terms of material quality and craftsmanship, executed for customers all over the world from their original location in Scappoose, Oregon. This legacy is approaching the one century mark of manufacturing with methods like stitchdown construction... View All Wesco Products