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Viberg Chukka Boot - 2040 - Vibram 2060 – Petrol Chamois Roughout


Chukka Boot - 2040 - Vibram 2060 – Petrol Chamois Roughout



The Petrol Chamois Roughout Chukka Boot is an updated version from Viberg’s original casual boot, inspired by a standard British Military issue used during WWII in the Desert Campaigns. While rarely used in the contemporary Viberg collection, it’s one of the earliest adapted patterns by Brett Viberg to be an excellent combination of a heritage style with outdoor readiness that collectors hold as one of their favorite styles. This Division Road exclusive version utilizes a dark as midnight Petrol Chamois that's a highly oiled, fat liquored, full vegetable re-tanned nubuck produced by Horween. This leather is designed to have considerable flexibility and durability with a natural, soft feel that requires minimal maintenance. When used on the roughout side, the heavy oil content of this Chamois leather produces a glossy nap to the flesh side that furthers protection against water and debris while still granting a tonal and textured patina with heavy usage. To hallmark signature collectable Viberg styles of the past with an updated formula to produce a classic with a modern sensibility, we utilized the Munson-based 2040 Last with an unstructured toe that streamlines the profile while maintaining the military boot silhouette. Upholding the Chukka's vintage provenance with a fresh approach, contrasting toast brown upper stitching highlights a minimalist pattern that corresponds to natural rawhide laces through blind eyelets, a natural leather midsole atop a sand colored Vibram 2060 sole for all-purpose trekking comfort, and an integrated leather heel pull for clean functionality. Fully assembled with traditional stitchdown construction by Viberg's exacting craftsmen, the Petrol Chamois Roughout Chukka Boot is a versatile, collectible style piece that communicates its elevated and exclusive nature while recalling an authentic heritage with a timeless aesthetic.


  • Exclusive to Division Road
  • Petrol Chamois Roughout Leather - Horween (USA)
  • 2040 Last
  • Unstructured Toe
  • Unlined
  • Toast Brown Upper Thread
  • Leather Heel Pull
  • Blind Eyelets
  • Natural Leather Midsole
  • Vibram 2060 Sole
  • Stitchdown Construction
  • Natural Rawhide Laces (Two Pair)
  • VB x DR Collaboration Dust Bags
  • Handcrafted in Canada


    For those who are buying Viberg for the first time, be aware they fit closer to UK rather than US sizes. As a general rule when sizing for Viberg, we suggest you select (1) size down from a common US boot and shoe, or (1.5) sizes down from a US sneaker.

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