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Tricker's Churchill Boot - 2298 - Vibram 2060 - Horween Walnut Cavalier


Churchill Boot - 2298 - Vibram 2060 - Horween Walnut Cavalier

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The Tricker's x Division Road Horween Walnut Cavalier Churchill Boot is an exclusive adaptation of US materials with the definitive maker of English Country footwear, using a premium Horween hard-wearing leather upper, a dark brown leather storm welt and US-made Vibram soles. This Division Road exclusive boot utilizes Walnut Cavalier leather by Horween®, made with a process similar to the nearly century-old Chromexcel vegetable and chrome combination re-tannage recipe that uses hot stuffed and mill dyed techniques to produce a leather with flexibility, durability, and heightened pull-up qualities. The Churchill is similar to an Officer’s battle dress boot with a high quarter, curved peak counter, cap toe and ridge-line pinking throughout. This Tricker's boot has undergone 260 individual steps in which craftsmen include a mulling concoction to infuse the uppers with oils, a wooden shank, a corking compound from a century-old recipe and an exquisite English finishing. The boot's elegant silhouette is achieved by using the w2298 Last that has an urban dress boot shape with a slightly extended toe that accommodates a variety of foot types. This results in a simple battlefield-to-Broadway focused boot that combines country footwear build-quality with a modern form, made to the refined craftsmanship standards expected from a Tricker's. With its sleek, comfortable leather atop a dark brown storm welt and a light yet sturdy 2060 Vibram sole, you end with a boot ready for everyday use with countless style applications. As England's oldest shoe maker, Royal warrant holder, originator of the country boot and one of the first and few still utilizing traditional Goodyear welting to the highest standards of quality in the industry, a Tricker's is truly made to last a lifetime in all conditions.


  • Exclusive to Division Road
  • Walnut Cavalier - Horween (USA)
  • w2298 Last
  • Leather Lining
  • Cap Toe
  • Ridgeline Pinking
  • Brass Eyelets
  • Wood Shank & Cork Filled Insole
  • Dark Brown Storm Welt
  • Vibram 2060 Sole
  • Tricker's x Division Road Collaboration Stamp
  • Dark Brown Nylon Laces (Two Pair)
  • Goodyear Welted Construction
  • Handcrafted in England


Tricker’s UK sizing is listed and as a general sizing rule, we suggest you select (1) size down from a common US boot and shoe, or (1.5) sizes down from a US sneaker to the listed UK size. The w2298 is an accommodative dress Last and corresponds to various foot types as long as the right size is obtained.

For additional information consult our Sizing Guide.

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About Tricker's

One of the longest established shoemakers in England, Tricker's is recognized with an outstanding reputation for excellence in quality manufacturing and as the maker of choice for heavy country boots. Approaching 200 years of quality footwear production, the “new” Tricker's factory opened its doors in 1904, which is still the center for all Tricker's manufacturing today. Using 260 individual production steps, Tricker’s are still built to the same exacting standards that cemented the shoemaker's reputation using unique processes that make... View All Tricker's Products