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Tanner Goods Universal Zip Wallet - Caramel

Tanner Goods

Universal Zip Wallet - Caramel



This Universal Zip Wallet by Tanner Goods is a well-conceived minimal wallet designed to secure the essentials with a configuration that accommodates everything we really need on the go. Made from a limited batch of a leather you might only see once, this Caramel color corresponds with light brown footwear and accessory options that, up to now, have been tough to coordinate. Constructed from 3.5 oz. vegetable-tanned Meridian English Bridle for durability and longevity, this piece gets its name by being universally favored by anyone looking for a clean, compact wallet.


  • Limited Quantities
  • 3.5 oz. Meridian English Bridle Leather
  • Vegetable-Tanned
  • Compact Size
  • RIRI Zipper
  • Central Split Pocket
  • Two Card Slots


4.5" x 3.25"

About Tanner Goods

Tanner Goods is a dedicated team of Pacific Northwest craftsmen and designers that produce pieces with the considered intention that each creation will become a treasured family heirloom. Tanner Goods works on the guiding philosophy of having less quantity and more quality with their products; made for longevity with only the finest and most durable, consciously-sourced materials. Built blending classic techniques and modern mechanics and a lot of home grown ingenuity, Tanner Goods gives you a product that will get... View All Tanner Goods Products