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Fundamental Coffee Co. IVY Street Blend - 12 oz. Whole Bean

Fundamental Coffee Co.

IVY Street Blend - 12 oz. Whole Bean



The Ivy Street Blend by Fundamental Coffee Co. is a proprietary blend produced in collaboration to hallmark our annual capsule collection. This dark-roasted blend is comprised of two coffees: a syrupy thick and spicy Indonesian coffee from the island of Sumatra, and a layered and complex coffee from the Medellin region in Colombia. The Sumatra component hails from the Gayo Mountain region of North Sumatra. Coffee from this area is grown in nitrogen rich volcanic soil and is semi-washed to result in a full-bodied taste with cedar and basail notes. Next, the Colombian portion is grown by a small farm in an exceptional soil and microclimate. Characterized by a strong walnut and pecan overtone with a smooth finish, it pairs perfectly with the Sumatran blend to end with a complex dark roast with a subtle sweetness and depth. As an ideal go-to coffee, the Ivy Street Blend has the refined touches of craft coffee with a no-nonsense flavor profile. Sourced and roasted with decades of experience, Fundamental puts forth a brew that's full of character and an essential addition to your kitchen.


  • Exclusive to Division Road
  • Proprietary Blend
  • 12 oz. Bag
  • Small Batch Hand Roasted
  • Ethically Sourced Green Coffee
  • High Altitude Grown - Above 1500 Meters
  • Multi-Generation Farming
  • Colombia Arabica Varieties: Typica & Caturra
  • Sumatra Gayo Highlands Varieties: Sigarar, Utang & Catimor
  • Limited Numbers
  • Roasted in the USA

Tasting Notes

Full-bodied: This blend is complex with herbal aromas, a rich body, and a smooth finish. Top and bottom notes of cedar, basil, walnut, and pecan.

About Fundamental Coffee Co.

Dark roast coffee is bold, classic, and essential, and Scott McMartin brings over 20 years of specialty coffee experience to produce small batch dark roasts and blends through his craft business, Fundamental Coffee Co. This Seattle based company sources high-quality Arabica coffee beans from around the world and locally roasts them for a rich, full bodied result. Finding the best coffee means taking into account taste, region, and production standards, which creates a full picture of what an excellent coffee experience... View All Fundamental Coffee Co. Products

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