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Andersen-Andersen Wide Knit Scarf - Dark Indigo


Wide Knit Scarf - Dark Indigo



The Andersen-Andersen Wide Knit Scarf in Dark Indigo is a full cardigan stitch, heavy-weight 5-gauge 100% new merino wool knit with exclusively-developed long fiber extra spun yarn. This completely unique Italian yarn development from Andersen-Andersen utilizes natural indigo from France and India with no chemical or synthetic color additives in the only natural indigo dying recipe approved by Woolmark. With absolute consideration of purpose, an Andersen-Andersen piece carries the provenance of ethically top-harvested merino wool from Patagonian sheep, yarn spun, dyed and knit in Italy with a fully fashioned edge. This well-executed knit scarf is long enough to be doubled and draped, wrapped or tied in various methods for those traditional and modern-styled gents who want a quality piece made to naval specifications and beyond. In Deep Sea Dark Indigo, this piece from Andersen-Andersen is heartily knit in a multi-generational style worthy of maritime lore. Look no further for an enduring go-to accessory that will patina naturally and pair well with an elevated wardrobe.


  • Medium Weight
  • Indigo Dyed
  • 100% New Merino Wool
  • Long Fiber Extra Spun Yarn
  • 5-Gauge Knit
  • Cardigan Stitch
  • Fully Fashioned Edge
  • Made in Italy


82" Length x 8" Width

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About Andersen-Andersen

Andersen-Andersen is a family owned company founded in 2009 with the idea of reinterpreting a durable and classic sailor sweater. The core focus remains to do one thing and do it well, and that one thing is knitwear. Inspired by Denmark’s rich maritime history with a contemporary take on a traditional sailor sweater, they've garnered international acclaim for design, quality and craftsmanship. Andersen-Andersen has perfected each step of their garment production with a holistic approach, starting from sourcing ethically top-harvested... View All Andersen-Andersen Products