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Reschedule Appointment

Our By-Appointment Service for in-store purchases allows us to limit exposure from the general public, maintain social distancing, and institute best practices for sound and safe shopping for our customers, team members, and remote clientele. Appointments will be scheduled in 1-hour blocks, limited to one client per block to provide an elevated, personalized, and safe shopping experience in typical Division Road style.

Division Road installed a Commercial Air Purification System within our HVAC unit that is both medical and military grade that sanitizes the air, surfaces, and materials. This system is amongst the best protection that can be provided with proven reduction rates of 99.99% surface bacteria/viruses, 97% airborne bacteria/mold, and 85% VOC; it will even kill 99% of microbes in human sneezes within three feet. For the time being, we do ask that you wear a face covering when shopping and we will be providing medical grade disposable face masks if needed, along with hand sanitizer and washroom access.

If feeling unwell, possibly exposed to coronavirus, or running a temperature, please do not schedule an appointment. If your appointment has already been confirmed and you experience any of the aforementioned issues, you can cancel your appointment through your confirmation emails or by contacting us directly via phone or email. In the event that you can not attend an appointment for any of these reasons, we will be pleased to hold the items you wish to view out of inventory for assessment post self or mandated quarantine.