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U-Mask Model Two Filter


Model Two Filter


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The U-Mask Model Two Filter is a key replacement component for the only Biotech mask on the market that is medical grade, antiproliferative, self-sanitizing, and reusable. Produced entirely in Italy with sustainable materials, this four-layer filter leverages proprietary bio-technology to block air contaminants from the outside, destroy them inside, and filter upon inhale and exhale. The U-Mask filter is designed to renew your Model Two's protective properties with an above-N95/FFP3 rating for at least 150-200 hours of effective use, which for 8 hours of use per day is roughly 25 days. As the only effective and reusable version on the market to protect you as well as those around you, the U-Mask Filter features four layers of high tech non-woven nano filtration and an exclusive BioLayer that blocks and kills pathogens and pollutants while resisting microbial proliferation inside the mask. Bolstering the real world application of this ultra-hygienic product, the Model Two Filter also can be sanitized between uses with an alcohol wipe and stored in the original electrostatic bag to increase longevity. After searching far and wide for the best protection in the current climate, we are honored to offer U-Mask with its revolutionary design as an essential armament for our Division Road Army and a healthier world.


  • For Use with U-Mask Model Two Cover
  • Proprietary Biotech 4-Layer FFP3 Rated Filter (+N95)
  • Anti-proliferative, Self-sanitizing, and Reusable
  • Effective for 150-200 Hours of Use
  • Cleanable Filter
  • Sanitary & Sealed Packaging
  • Medical Grade (IMOH)
  • 1 Replacement Filter 
  • Made in Italy


U-Mask is a reusable, medical grade protection mask designed for an infectious viral environment, with the filter remaining effective for up to 200 hours of use, and is certified by the Italian Ministry of Health (IMOH). The filter technology is rated above N95, the European equivalent of FFP3, which certifies the removal of 99% of .3 micron particles and larger, and a majority of particles .095 in size (Coronavirus 1.25). Due to the nature of the product and to ensure sanitation, mask purchases are Final Sale and are not eligible for returns of any kind.

    About U-Mask

    U-Earth has been at the forefront of biotechnology, focusing on air purifiers that can naturally digest vast volumes of air pollution daily by turning harmful particles and pathogens into innocuous waste. Developed several years ago, U-Mask by U-Earth is the only Biotech mask on the market that is antiproliferative, self-sanitizing, and reusable, made possible by employing a four-layer filter that leverages proprietary technology to block air contaminants from the outside, destroy them inside, and filter upon inhale and exhale. The U-Mask filter is... View All U-Mask Products