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Viberg Service Boot - 2030 - Christy - Natural CXL Roughout


Service Boot - 2030 - Christy - Natural CXL Roughout

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The Natural CXL Roughout Service Boot is an updated interpretation of Viberg's original work boot, designed by company founder Edwin Viberg in 1931. A similar pattern was used by several nations as a standard issue military boot during WWII. Natural Chromexcel Roughout is, more accurately, the Marine Field tannage that Horween produced for Service Boots used by the US Military during World War II for the conflicts in North Africa and the Pacific. This particular batch of Chromexcel is specifically designed to be used flesh-side out in order to remain durable through hard use, have a consistent nap that can be treated by soldiers based on conditions, and hold its form yet remain light on foot. It was engineered, furthermore, so the inside has a finished quality that enables the boot to be unlined so as to cut down weight yet have comfort against the foot, and for soldiers to empty sand or debris with ease. These signature Division Road Viberg's are characterized by the use of this refined and historical sand-colored roughout on the popular 2030 Last, creating a streamlined silhouette matched with a clean cap toe and aggressive Vibram Christy sole, a natural midsole, and stitchdown construction. Whether a first pair or in addition to others, this is a boot that should be in everyone's collection as an homage to a footwear style that commands attention and is equally appropriate on the street, in the woods, or if necessary, on the battlefield.


  • Exclusive to Division Road
  • Natural Chromexcel Roughout Leather - Horween (USA)
  • 2030 Last
  • Cap Toe
  • Partial Structured Toe
  • Unlined
  • Natural CXL Bellows Tongue
  • Nickel Eyelets
  • Natural Leather Midsole
  • Vibram Christy 4014 Sole
  • Stitchdown Construction
  • Natural Rawhide & Flat Waxed Laces
  • VB x DR Collaboration Dust Bags
  • Handcrafted in Canada


For those who are buying Viberg for the first time, be aware that they fit closer to UK rather than US sizes. As a general rule when sizing for Viberg, we suggest you select (1) size down from a common US boot and shoe, or (1.5) sizes down from a US sneaker.

For additional information consult our Footwear Guide.

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About Viberg

Founded in 1931 by Ed Viberg, the Canadian craftsman built a name for himself by producing some of the finest, most reputable military and logging boots. Now in its 3rd generation of being entirely family owned and operated, Glen Viberg has been on the factory floor for over 40 years, rotating through each station and finishing each boot by hand to ensure their legacy of quality on every run. Viberg uses time honored, traditional manufacturing methods and only the best... View All Viberg Products