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Andersen-Andersen Classic Knit Beanie - Natural Brown


Classic Knit Beanie - Natural Brown



The Andersen-Andersen Classic Knit Beanie in Natural Brown is made out of 100% new Merino wool knit with exclusively-developed long fiber extra spun yarn. This new natural wool development from Andersen-Andersen was created from a single annual sheer, then washed and spun while being left completely undyed to exhibit the genuine color of fine fleece. This well-executed knit hat is the perfect length for those classically minded about headwear who want a quality-made piece designed with all of the A-A details like cardigan stitched, hand linked, and fully fashioned interior seams. In a rich Ship Wood Natural Brown, this piece from Andersen-Andersen is heartily knit in a multi-generational style worthy of maritime lore. Look no further for a go-to accessory that will stand the test of time and pair well with an elevated wardrobe.


  • Medium Weight
  • 100% Undyed New Merino Wool
  • Long Fiber Extra Spun Yarn
  • 5 Gauge Knit
  • Cardigan Stitch
  • Hand Linked & Bar Tacked
  • Fully Fashioned Interior
  • Made in Italy


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About Andersen-Andersen

Andersen-Andersen is a family owned company founded in 2009 with the idea of reinterpreting a durable and classic sailor sweater. The core focus remains to do one thing and do it well, and that one thing is knitwear. Inspired by Denmark’s rich maritime history with a contemporary take on a traditional sailor sweater, they've garnered international acclaim for design, quality and craftsmanship. Andersen-Andersen has perfected each step of their garment production with a holistic approach, starting from sourcing ethically top-harvested... View All Andersen-Andersen Products