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New Releases And Introducing Alden Shoe Co.

Years in the making, we are pleased to introduce Alden at Division Road with a selection of signature styles that have stood the test of time as wardrobe essentials and remain deeply relevant today. The sole enduring family-owned Goodyear welting shoemaker in the Northeast, Alden is synonymous with American style identity and the collection models represented in our line-up earned renown as the Indy Boot admired on the silver screen, the Plain Toe Boot with roots in militaria, and the Plain Toe Blucher popularized in the Ivy Style era.

With a resolute recipe of construction from vegetable tanned insoles, tempered steel shanks, cork fill, oak tanned midsoles, traditional and reverse welting, and exclusive sole developments, Alden has set a quality standard with an approachable, around-town build that will afford decades of longevity and enduring value. Per usual, our curation is informed by versatility from the outdoors to the downtown, with an eye on the journey ahead.

Snuff Calf Suede Indy Boot

The Mocc Toe Boot is one of the most celebrated Alden styles and is better known as the Indy Boot, the latter name derived from the story of Harrison Ford’s loyalty to his own personal Mocc Toe Boots and disdain for the initial Indiana Jones wardrobe selection. The Indy remains one of the most identifiable patterns from its repeated use in the protagonist’s uniform and adoption in menswear. The original, signature contrasting moccasin toe and quarter stitch pattern details are paired with the TruBalance Last that’s a sleekly designed orthopedic work boot form, which has been evolved with an exclusive split Commando Sole, reverse welting, and pattern variations to provide the same level of utility with a milder profile and more accurate fit.

Snuff Calf Suede Plain Toe Boot

As a baseline to almost all boot patterns, the formally named Royal Navy Blucher Boot hails from a military style lineage. The Plain Toe Boot is simple, clean, and classic, designed to be a solid foundation with endless styling versatility for any wardrobe. Coming in a UK tanned Snuff Calf Suede that’s aniline dyed for a natural color, finely sanded for a luxurious finish, and treated for waterproofness in tanning for enduring performance, this boot is formed on the treasured Barrie Last that has an anatomical shape in a dress form designed for all day style and comfort.

Color 8 Shell Cordovan Plain Toe Blucher

As archetypal as it gets, this style has remained one of Alden’s best-selling shoes for decades and comes in Horween’s famous Color 8 Shell Cordovan, rightly regarded as one of the finest upper materials for its durability and refined finish that lends itself to a rich patina revered for its depth of color changing properties. This clean Blucher, defined by a simple lacing pattern over a single wholecut upper of a one-piece vamp and tongue, is complemented with blind eyelets, a reverse welt, and a double oak tanned leather sole with black finishing to allow intensive patina to develop and shine like Shell.